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    Changes made:
    AFK Macoring allowed
    No skill cap
    Skills can be bought upto 50%
    Skill gains faster
    Website functionality listed, more to come though
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    Open to discussion, please keep it sensible and consider that this is a long term server that will cater for survival of the server as well as the players likes and dislikes, key factors include keeping the gameplay progressive and keeping the economy and trade under control
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    The launch date is yet to be confirmed, we are still working on a lot of the features and will update you as soon as we know.
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    When will the server be open?
    When will the server be open?
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    Feature List
    This feature list is what we aim to provide by launch (TBC) if anything is removed or changed in the way it functions, it will be documented on this thread.
    Aim: To provide a modern and mature Ultima Online server free to everyone.
    Relatively fast skill gainsI previously wanted slow skill gains, to encourage players to invest in their time here. However I have been convinced that in order to keep a busy player base, people want to just get on with the game at a level they are used to playing and not being forced to do the beginner stuff all over again. As a compromise, I will be having skill gains faster at a lower level, and as you get to around 80/90% they'll start to slow down just a little bit, so that there is some difficulty at the higher end, but it will still be quick.No Skill CapIt has been decided that there will be no skill cap. My past says that having a skill cap improves player interaction and keeps the economy turning. But I have been out done by people saying they'd rather just level up 1 character than have 3 different ones, either way they'd have all the skills - valid point. So there will be no skill caps on Ultima One.HousesWe have not yet decided, but we may scrap pre-built houses and bring in the house builder, this allows you freedom to build your own style house, have it as elaborate or as simple as you like, spend as much or as little as you like. With this being a PK server outside of towns, we may introduce some way of allowing you to build a house safely in an openworld area, but prevent abuse of this safety, or we will keep some pre-built houses for placements in difficult areas where combat may be likely.Freeze your rent. If you are going on holiday or unable to play for a while, you can Freeze your rent online (and in game), this will put your rent on hold until you get back. In that time the house will not be possible to access. You will just have to pay a fee for each day it is Frozen, but only once you get back. This fee will be 10% of the rent cost you would have paid. Your house will never go to auction in this state. The maximum duration of this is 3 months, if you do not unfreeze the house within 3 months it will go back to normal status.Rent will be viewable form your online account, so no need to log in to check them all the time, you will also get email notifications when your rent is due, but we still recommend checking the website if you can't get in-game. Rents will be relative to the property size, rent will be reasonably pricey, houses are a luxury for those with lots of treasures to keep, or for traders to stockpile resources as they earn. A player with a decent house is one to be respected. A 100k house would expect to have 5k/week rent as a rough guide, this seems like a big %, but it will encourage people to not rush into a house purchase, and maybe save up for a bigger house, buying a 100k house and paying 5k rent will cost 200k over 20 weeks. Or save that 5k a week and buy a bigger house in a few weeks time. People with 1 million upwards houses will be looking at 50k a week rent. Yes its a lot, but if you have 1million gold, you should easily be making 100k a week. Like I say, the value of your wealth if your assets not your bank balance, and we don't want someone to save up 1million gold, buy a massive house and then sit in it like a king and do nothing to earn its upkeep.Weapon Damage and Armor ResistancesResistances on armour will be a like for like reflection on weapon damages. The jeweling system allows you to encrust certain gem stones into weapons and armour, adding resistance to armour, and bonus damage to weapons. For example you may add Fire damage to an Axe, if you hit someone with Fire resistance on their armour, that bonus damage will be reduced (if you hit the body part that armour sits on). This makes combat more interesting as it can give you both an advantage and disadvantage, and carrying more than 1 weapon may be a good idea.Weapon and Armour damageWeapons and Armour will both get damaged with use at a fair pace. Most UO servers have an abundance of armour lying around as it never gets damaged, this puts strain on traders to sell their armour after a few months of trading, as no one needs to buy any. As such, we will be making armour and weapons damage quite quickly - you should be able to manage a day of PvPing or PvMing easily, but after such high levels of combat you should need to get your kit repaired by a smith, or risk it getting broken the next time you go out. We will also be adding a way for Blacksmiths to repair your kit without handing it over to them.InsuranceWe will not be having any form of item or equipment insurance. The reason for this is that we want the economy to flow correctly. Insuring kit may be a money sink in some servers but it ruins trading. It will encourage PvM and traders to make money, making the world a more varied place to be. Most servers focus purely on PvP and dungeons remain empty as no one needs to buy anything. We want a varied world with a fair balance on all gameplay styles.Starting the gameTo being with, you will pick your stats in the game screen, picking skills there will do nothing, so pick anything - this is due to people using clients which may have unsupported skills from versions beyond T2A. You will pick 3 skills when your character first logs in. These will be 3 skills at 30%. This may seem low, but we will be expanding the growth of your character, there will be more to do at a lower level and more dungeons suited for all skill levels. Do not think your skills will be unusable, you will be able to be productive at 30%, there will be people out there wanting low end gear as everyone will start at this point. (More on skills below.)You will get 1,000 gold put into your bank (more below on gold), you then land in Trinsic Academy, this is a safe zone in the dock area of Trinsic where you will meet other members and join the Academy (more details below). Trinsic is home to our Newbie dungeon, a good place to start training your skills and getting a little gold. From there your adventure is up to you.The AcademyThis is a collective of new players, upon joining you get a starter kit of armour (Iron) so that you can begin your adventure. It is not newbied, but it will not break like all other armour will. The hope is this armour will let you get a start in the game.As you increase your total skill level, you will climb up the ladder (a ladder showing all character in the Academy will be on the website, and their skill totals - you can make yourself Anonymous). We will run events and meetings that will be solely for Academy members, so that you have a fair playing field and to help you make friends and allies for your future.You graduate from the academy when your skill total hits 300. At this point you should have a couple of skills in the 70+ region and know the gameplay well. Graduating will give you a golden robe, its not newbied you can trash it, wear it or keep it for a keepsake.Gold + EconomyMost servers people have played on, you have quickly earned 1,000,000 gold and paid for everything you need. We want to avoid this, but do not misunderstand us. The economy is completely relative. If a Castle is worth 5million and it takes 1 hour to make 5million gold, thats the same as if both values were 10,000. We will not be making as easy as before, but you are all in the same boat, and we want to stop an influx of money as this brings servers to their knee's very quickly, and we want to survive. Every week people should be hunting or trading to earn their keep, rich players will only come from those who spend a lot of time hunting and trading at the highest level, and even then, they should'nt have 10million sat in the bank as they too should be spending it. You can be the richest guy with only 1 gold in your bank, you're assets in UO is your wealth. As such, gold from PvM will be lower than you are used to, but so will basic items like potion bottles, clothing, food, NPC sold armour etc. A horse will seem more expensive thank you expect, but they should not be throw away items, they will still be easy enough to buy if you earn some money.The average dungeon monster will drop around 300gp, newbie dungeon will be 5gp, low level about 100gp, and high end 500gp average. Deamons, Dragons and Balron level monsters can drop up to 5k. A horse will cost 500gp, so killing a handful of low level dungeon monsters should do it, or 2 mid-level. Thats not asking a lot. The cheapest houses will be around 100k, we are not trying to stop you having houses, but they should be sizeable purchases, in a mid level dungeon, you could earn 30-40k a day, this is the level of PvM that we would like to see in order to buy a house, after potions, regs, armour etc, 3-4 days hunting at a mid level will get you a small house. that seems fair in my eyes.Loots on NPC's will be relative to difficulty, so if a monster takes typically twice as long to kill, it will have at least twice the gold, a bonus comes in the additional items it may drop. For example, kill 10 fire elementals and get about 3k, kill 1 dragon and get say 4k, but you will get rare reagents, maybe a magical item or a treasure map. If you want more ideas on costs, let me know.Skill levelsSkills will be usable at 0% for ALL skills. I have also decided to let you buy skills to 50%, this will come at a high cost, but the skill gains are fast. So either pay money or gain it quickly, up to you. We need to sink some money.DungeonsAll dungeons will be in use from the start, with the harder dungeons being the most remote in order to pose most risk - but a risk worth the reward. Dungeons will get harder the further into them you go, one dungeon will not all be about the same level, you will benefit from going deeper. It also means as your skills grow, you can progress further into your favourite dungeon, rather than the whole dungeon getting too easy all at once.With the slow skill gains and low skill starts, we want dungeons to be a challenge, you will find the dungeon which best suits your level and work there, trying harder areas and failing, it gives you the motivation to improve and beat those areas. Think of the first time you played UO and you were happy killing Mongbats until that Orc ran at you and destroyed you. You were determined to kill that Orc if it was the last thing you did. This is the excitement and motivation we want to drive back into UO.Player VendorsVendors will cost a reasonable amount to have, the key spot to get one will be Moonglow, however a handful will be available in most towns, rent will depend on location. A shop in Britain will cost around 50k a week to have, so you should have something to sell and at a good price in order to afford it. Places in lesser used locations may only be 2-5k a week, Moonglow being the average at 10k a week. These are first thought prices, and subject to change.There is considerations (yet to be planned properly), that the town your vendor in will take tax on items sold, expect items which the town is known for which will be tax free. For example, selling Wood items in Yew will have no tax, but selling wood items in Minoc will cost you a small amount. This means prices in yew should be cheaper for wooden items. How this will work in practice needs to be thought about, we don't want price hikes in Minoc because of the tax, and then people in Yew matching those prices, it should not happen like that as people would want to be cheaper in order to sell more. Its an idea.Factions!We will be having 2 opposing PvP factions and 1 PvM faction. These will be Chaos and Order, and the PvM Faction yet to be named. To encourage the combat between the two PvP factions and to limit having allies within the opposing faction, to become Order or Chaos, you must be in a guild that is declared an Order or Chaos guild. You can create your own guild and declare it as either, or neutral. Everyone in your guild will become that faction, if you are not able to join that faction you will not be able to be in the guild. You will be able to freely attack opposing faction members. We may not link this so much with guilds and allow people to freely join, but believe it opens more abuse of the system. You will earn points for killing opposite factions, and leader boards shown, as well as Chaos vs Order stats shown on the website. You cannot earn points from killing the same character in the opposite faction more than once per 15 minutes.Faction Wars will happen, in these cases the room in which the leader of each faction lies will open, killing the opposing factions leader first will gain all faction members online at the time extra points, the losing faction will all lose points. At the time of a faction war in progress, you will get double points for killing opposite faction members.Factions will have a collective bank account for wars, nothing can be withdrawn from it, but the more value in the bank at the time of war, the more guards will appear in the faction towns at the start of a war, allowing you to make for an easier win. After a war your faction bank will reset to 0. Dropping any item in there will add to the value, a good place to trash items. Again stats publicly shown on the website of the value of faction banks.Points in the faction system will allow you to get extra benefits, nothing gameplay disrupting, but to make your life easier or to look more awesome, plus a bit of fame from the leaderboards.PvM Faction will have several HQ's inside and outside of the guard zones. The main aim of them is to reward you for hunting and exploring. Members will also get points like other factions, there will be bounty boards for killing certain nuisance monsters, or for killing specific boss monsters, these bounties will appear randomly and can be done by anyone in the PvM faction. If an evil NPC has been alive for a long time, its name will turn a specific colour, these monsters will offer points for killing them. Encouraging wide spread hunting and use of all dungeons. the older the NPC gets, the more points they'll reward. Leaderboards and rewards will be similar to the PvP factions.You may only join 1 of the 3 factions, this is to allow those who do not enjoy PvP to benefit the same as those who do, without allowing anyone to benefit twice.We will look at a Trader faction, however ranking and rewarding would be difficult and would encourage AFK macroing.MacroingAgain, my decision here has changed. We will allow any macroing you wish, the only thing we will not be allowing will be AFK resource gathering.Loyalty RewardsWe have a loyalty reward system, simply done by you asking someone you refer to type in .referer <your email address> (or similar). This will add a referral point to your account, which can be used to get specific items, again leaderboards to highlight those doing a good job.SpawnsPet spawns will be random. For example, our Ice Horse will spawn only in areas where there is ice or snow, but its spawn spot will not be a set of locations. The time it spawns will also be random between a minimum and a maximum. We will not be looking to make any steeds 'ultra rare' as they simply do not get used. We will have some common, uncommon and rare steeds, a rare steed may spawn once a month, up to once a week (ice, fire steeds), uncommon once a week to once a day (coloured llamas), common, once to 5 times a day (for example Orns) The spawn rates are just per-spawn, there will be a number of uncommon spawns all spawning at that rate, so there will be plenty of them about for Tamers to collect.Spell CastingSpells will fizzle if you get hit while casting.If you wear low level armour, spells above a particular level will fail to cast more often. As an example, if you try to cast Flamestrike while wearing Iron armour, your armour will likely cause you to fail in 90% of attempts. The higher quality and higher level armour you wear, the easier spell casting will be. This will be balanced fairly, so low skilled players using 30-50% skill spells will be able to cast in Iron ok, but will benefit up to Silver/Gold to reduce the chance of failing. Your skill of Magery will still impact failing as usual. This is to stop Magery using players from wearing low level armours as they don't plan on getting close to other players to worry about Melee. Metal based armors will all come with a penalty (relative to the spell being cast).Leather ArmourLeather armours will come with less of a penalty for magery than metal armours.They also provide natural resistances depending on the leather type, but also less AR typically. This makes them a better choice for a Mage fight.Leather armour will also have a slower rate your stamina drops in melee combat, ideal for those using fencing or archery where speed matters. Some leather may comes with stamina regen.Most servers leather armour is mute and unused, it has long been a desire of mine to make it usable for certain skill types, for example the hardest leather may be more resistant to arrows, or have natural fire/acid resistances etc. This makes them a viable choice since they have less AR, they have other benefits. Melee will still be a weakness, but if you are a mage or archer, you dont plan on getting close.The Website!!Our server will be modern, and as such we will be implementing a lot of web-based tools and functionality to make your game easier. Not in terms of combat, but in terms of managing your accounts. You will be able to do the following:View all player vendors on an interactive map and see what they have for saleView all NPC vendors on the same map, filterable so you can find your nearest oneView the location of each and every one of your characters, as well as their skills, stats and current status (Dead or Alive)View the rents on each of your houses and player vendors, so you know if they need paying without having to log in and check.View your players bank account items. This saves you logging in to every character to find an item.Live feeds of all events. Players get tagged in events, and as such we can produce a live feed of each players status and which team they are on.Browser chat, linked with an ingame chat. the chat in game won't be public, it will be in a popup you can open at any time using .chat - this means you dont need to be in-game to arrange to meet someone, and means everyone can see the same chat, instead of using things like IRC.Update your password and email on the website, this will sync website - forum - game.Pay a small fee to instantly change you characters gender or name, no need to request a staff member or collect any items in game, just pay for it and it'll be done the next time you log in.Donations - we don't expect any, but we will add some items you may donate for, these will be instantly added to your account, no need for a GM, you will pick any colours or styles on the website itself. 
    More features being added as I map out plans...
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    Awesome Guild
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    Welcome to Ultima One.
    We are still in our planning stages, so bear with us, we are mapping out a server which takes in to consideration the most desirable aspects of successful servers, then adjusting them to make a long lasting, mature UO server which will last. Our main aim is to build a playerbase of sensible players, who want the server to have a long life and treat it with respect, in return we offer you a modern approach and a stable server which will last you years and years of gameplay.
    Please post in our Features List thread if you want to make any suggestions, all suggestions will be read and evaluated and feedback given.
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